The Journey of A Lifetime

I was born within a garden, a fair Eden, at dawn,
Where childhood's first ideas raised their heads up with a yawn.
I learned from them, I played with them, I stored them in my heart;
But when day broke, I tired of them, and knew I had to start.
My mind outgrew the garden as my spirit grew its wings,
And a voice within my heart whispered: "Go forth to dream great things."

So I danced in a forest, fresh and green, upon the morn;
I traveled through the deserts where a thousand thirst and yearn.
I dived the depths of waterfalls, I sang the songs they sing,
I planted deep in soil and knew the fruits success will bring.
I thought that I knew everything, and held the wealth of kings;
But that voice within my heart spoke up: "Go on, and dream great things."

Then my spirit deep within me stretched long-abandoned wings,
And I raised my eyes above me, searched higher for great things.
For I'd roamed the earth all over, and at last I'd come to see:
If greatness isn't found in earth, in heaven it must be.
My fragile wings stopped trembling, and rose on the sun's sweet breath,
And my soul found life and happiness under the sun's caress.

I will fly up there forever, though a thousand years may pass;
For who goes back for good things, when you've found greatness at last?

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