The journey of Soul

The dazzling azure ray of light,
that took me to a nebulous flight,
Stealing the blindness of my mind,
Leaving the whole world behind.

Abandoning the cruel world,
Flying above my soul swirled,
Arriving at a magical place,
Glorious creation and full of grace.

Wide and open blue sky,
where the birds freely fly,
The brightness of the sunbeam,
seems like a resplendent dream.

Scenic beauty of Blooming Rose,
And a sapling which tardily grows,
The refreshing and cool breeze,
And the cheerful dancing trees.

The sun was about to alight,
starring to a gloomy night,
Tenebrous and dusky dark,
Twinkled by the stars that spark.

No sorrows no grief,
Only kindness and good belief,
My journey comes to a cease,
And here my soul rests in peace.

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This Poems Story

This poem is based on the journey of the soul.It shows how a streak of light held the soul to its way to heaven,leaving the cruel world behind.The cruel world here refers to the selfish people around.The soul reaches a graceful place.It experiences the beauty of that place,the sky,the sunlight,the flowers,the breeze,and the dusky night time which is sparkled by stars.A place which is entirely different from the human world.This poem is the expressed journey of the soul from human world to heaven where the soul finally rests in peace.