The Journey Of The Pen

This page is an empty void of white, but the mood has been set.
As the journey of the pen begins, words flow from the poet.
The modality of the writer awakens the senses.
With, a vivid, painted semblance of no ordained pretenses.
While the author starts to compose, your mind begins to transcend.
To a time and place you've dreamed, by a choice of words they penned.
You are only limited by your own imaginations.
Free your heart, the mind will follow, let go of inhibitions.
The scribes' sensations of aspirations are for you to find.
It's time to reflect, ponder, and contemplate, helps clear your mind.
Words babble like brooks to cleanse your soul and set your nous free.
Verses, from this poet, project images for you to see.
Lines of reason, to leave no parts of the psyche unexplored.
A truth that has been said, the pen is mightier than the sword.
Enlightenment comes through intuition, in a state of Zen.
From the heart of a poet, begins, the journey of the pen.

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