The Journey to Myself

People wonder why I can't look them in the eye ,
People close to me think it's just my anxiety,
That got the most of me ,
but really it's my heart that reflects my soul so vividly
I seem cold
Because I can't let my mind unfold
Fear cripples me
At the thought of my bare soul
If my eyes meet your gaze too long ,
Will you see me?
For the person I portray to be,
Or the pain that's hidden Beneath
Every tear that burns my face
Every restless night that my mind loses the race
I'll remember I'm worth it ,
The pieces of me that I lost along the way has molded me,
like clay into the person I am today
What I lost is for good reason and until the next season,
I'll search the world for the parts me I have yet to meet
So maybe one day,
I'll be able to look eye to eye with my reflection .

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