The Journey

By Da Poet   

Purple passion royalty awaken
sunshine shine on me
lift my spirit brighten the day
yesterday's past has gone away

A new day dawns with hope in the air
no need to be selfish there's plenty to share
So come along there's adventures to book
such an amazing place why not take a look

Wide opened spaces far as the eye can see
waves rolling in off the shore such tranquility
Birds take flight as they soar with the wind
I'll take a moment to pause as I take it all in

I'm getting much older as I recall my youth
the years fade away but memories absolute
I can envision these things like yesterday's find
it seems so real the reflections of one's mind

Used to be a member of the old rat race
however I find myself moving at a slower pace
My youth long gone but wisdom is now revealed
this is your time my son now you take the wheel

Bon Voyage

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