The Journeys Of Consumption

How do your kisses consume my heartstrings?
Like spaghetti drawn into the sweetness of your mouth,
While our tongues dance romantically in the dark,
Like a reptilian orgy of two,
Are my heartstrings linked erotically to my genitalia?
Which seems to grow exponentially?
Like a giant reaching for the stars?
Or a pulsating rocket heading for Venus or Mars?
When I breathe, I suck in all the air on planet Earth,
While the girth of my heart expands,
Beyond heavenly distances,
To places known only to angels and me and you,
You who are the pilot of my spaceship,
And the captain of my love.
With you I have seen love,
I have tasted love, I have felt love,
I have heard love whisper profound things,
That cause my heartstrings to wrap tightly around you,
Around us, beyond universes far and near.
Kiss me again and again!
But cling tightly to my soul so I shall not die!
And cry so that I may bathe in your tears,
Refreshed and ready for our next explorations,
Through blissful times and spaces,
If only in our minds.

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