The Junkies Song

I lie at the bottom
were at the end my friend
don't care if I die
or rise to breathe again
not one thing left
that I believe in
not one thing left
and there exists no treatment
for the ills
and the chills
that live deep within
for the mountains of hate
and the piles of sin
there's no heading back
with a heart that's bleedin
looking forward
I see no reason for breathing
told every lie
strung out, so high
turned every stone
walked every mile
the blood runs cold
within my veins
my head tells lies
that drive me near insane
lifes not lived
its just a survival game
hour by hour
how can I feel no pain
I lie at the bottom
how did I get this way
the heartache, the suffering
the hurt and the shame
it began with a desire
to escape for a bit
which began this fire
I control none of it
we are at the end my friend
don't wanna live
don't wanna quit
and this song is sung
to the bitter end
when your playin with demons
you ain't never gonna win.


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