The Kanashibari Fiend

There was once a princess of the Rosy Wall

She was loved and cared by all

Hair of haze

Eyes of emerald blaze

Her beauty was none to be compared

But her sister's teeth still bared

Envy and coldness entered her heart

With darkness, that would tear their sisterhood apart

The sister held her sword of sin

In hope, she would win

That never happened at all

From a saviors light

That fateful night

The sister fell from a horrible height

Though it may be over in their minds

Not even death could have her vengeful soul be declined

From an unmarked grave in the woods

The sister spirit took the form of a person in a hood

Her soul cold with hate

She wanted to steal her sister's fate

If her body must be unmoved like stone

Then the princess would be still to the bone

During this time of a rainy night

The princess was filled with loving delight

Her savior soon took her hand as his love

At their wedding, there were a thousand doves

While the lovers were sleeping in their bed

The wicked spirit hovered over her head

For her retribution for her pain

She would stun her sister til she is insane

When the kind dawn made her perch

The husband saw the binds of his wife's curse

The healers of old

Had grim inspections to be

With love in his heart for his wife

He would exercise the demon from her life

The magic ones granted him a magic sword

That it could destroy ghosts and end the discord

With the ghost of the sister appeared

She showed a demonic form that is most feared

With battle in the wing

The sword began to sing

She soon became nothing more than a shade

Just by one swing of the blade

With her ectoplasm leaving his wife soul

Their lives soon became whole

With baby, feet filled the house with patter

They all soon lived happily ever after

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