The Key

There will be days
You must rise above,
The fear and the chaos
Exude only love.

Then you’ll be the one
Whom others will trust,
To share all their sorrows
Cry if they must.

For they closed their heart
For fear of new pain,
Now battle the demons
And ghosts that remain.

They try and they try
To open heart’s door,
But they have forgotten
They locked it before.

Their burden is heavy
But your shoulders, strong,
Remind them they’re loved
And that they belong.

And then in their voice
You’ll hear a new plea,
“Am I really worth it?
That you’d fight for me?”

Steadfast and patient
You’ll prove your love true,
And watch them grow strong
Spread wings that are new.

And finally, one day
They’ll fly far away,
With hearts open wide
They’ll start a new day.

And then, you will realize
As clearly you’ll see,
Yes, love was the answer
But you held the key.

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