The key Realization

I didn't even know how much I
hated myself
until i found
Love for myself

I just came to the hardly
difficult realization
"loving me" releases all anxiety
How could I have not known?
How could that have been?

Why is it so hard to understand?
what i just understood?
wouldn't the ultimate key be
what makes this realization?

For one cannot do something
without knowing how
loving myself seemed to the answer
up until now
thus loving yourself
is sometimes not good enough
because I still get sad
when I see other people sad
in an all-perfect place...
sad people would no longer sadden me
everybody would come to find
love for themselves
wishful thinking?
it may be....

But if all those people who realized
realized once again....
that everybody needs to love themselves
and not just them....
then we could become teachers
making us healers too
if empathy just lead us
to the right thing to do

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