The Key To Being Pretty

Beauty, what a broad term I'd say,
It's the stars by night, the sun by day.
She's beautiful, beautiful I hear from them,
But is he beautiful, beautiful enough for him.

Hush child, your father can't protect you forever,
We like your mind, but smile so it's more clever.
See you have all the parts for life to frown,
And by great luck it doesn't help painted brown.

Let us be your shepherd, tell you where beauty lies,
Innocent child unlike you, our beauty is in our eyes.
When sun filled eyes ignite into within and without,
That brown screams loudly until it's a golden shout.

Much prettier than you think, prettier than they know,
Listen carefully, and wisdom just might flow.
Be certain of two secrets angels keep,
You must let it skin out, and force it skin deep.

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