The Key To The Heart Of The City!

Open upright unlocking doors looking at another man's demons; for
centuries, seeking a way out the door and not going through to the other side for fear of cognitive figment forms in the times we live;
Picking locks are a thing of the past, knocking at your front door; and extracting
feelings, moods, emotions, actions and reactions through key cards, soul recognition, and faulty mechanisms;
Accessing content in their mind through the love and passion of God!
Ancient times taught me about creating windows when there are none to legally enter humble abodes;
Locking-in what is good, getting into the habit of following instructions; but
playing too humble will have you overlooked, underpaid, and underbooked;
Sometimes we can not see where the residue of wrongdoing shows-up, and we think God doesn't hear our prayers;
Where do those solutions show up at?
Bound to doing right by people, we only need what we are supposed to have to increase the quality of what we are producing;
Battling at the door listening to the inhabitants talk about us, trying not to kick it in, instead I wait for them to come out and confront them;
It will win critical battles that are critical to the winning of the overall War; therefore doing right
while struggling saves us from the telling of lies to achieve certain futures acting upon the truth when we know it reinforces the thresholds that we are destined to cross; leading us to
our salvation not relapsing into the old ways of the old days;

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