Tell the King of Rats,
To swing no long tail above its ugly anus;
To brag no more; and swell no more:
Ugly rats have no tails, beautiful rats have tails;
Man's ugliness needs tails, man's beauty no tails:
Opalakiro; warn the King of rats,
To chase no more small rats;
The King of rats is a cat's slave:
However big a rat is; it is a cat's meal,
Eaten by blood mouthed cats.
Remind the greedy rat to tame its appetite;
To possess no lengthy intestines,
Gluttons don't eat to live; they live to eat:
Opalakiro; you are close to the big Rat,
Let it raid my grass thatched granary no more,
It shall kick the nimbus clouds;
By poison or wire-made trap;
Sit down the red eyed stubborn rat;
Warn it by a longer finger,
Not to eat my cracked feet

Leaving me limping, limping, limping!
Tell it in simple words
To blow no cold air under my heels
Or raid my flesh by long teeth!
Let it create no holes under my cow dunged floor;
Or dance, dance, dance again:
For I bought a sharp clawed cat from Wera.

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