The King with His Crown

You see the king with his crown
Within his kingdom, you can hear the cheers all around
You can hear the beats of the drum
Rhythmic feet, energized never numb
Rich like the whole loaf, not the crumbs
As the sun caresses and kisses their tar black skin
They possess gold, diamonds, and other riches they divide not defend
For unity is the key these locksmiths create
How could you stand separated without expecting to break?
So the inseparableness of one's empire
Makes it a task for one to take as they desire
Soon as the boats dock shore
Awareness consciously but patiently strikes the core
When distraught reveals its hideous appearance
Leave no trespassers of any perseverance
Breathing, blinking
Beware of any upper hand, only bleeding
Any that may have a beat in their chest
Like a sweet tranquil lullaby put them to rest
For a matter of seconds have caused us de-elevation
From our lively hood, celebration and invigorating escalation
These nappy roots we have deeply implanted among this prosperous land
May be stained with the tears of wretched blood but never taken by this sinister breed of man
For truly conquering a nation takes more than a mighty cache of weaponry at hand
For the very fact that no matter what together they stand

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This Poems Story

I am a soon to be seventeen-year-old senior, passionate writer and published author. My mother is an enviromental scientist and my father is a store manager. Both of my parents were devoted writers when they were in college. This solidified the magnitude of our connection. As a freshman in theater class I had an assignment to create a mask that embodied my personality. I decided to write this poem speaking of unity and heritage. This poem is symbolic as the start of my writing career and the first poem in my premiere book called Tongue the Trigga.