The KingsMan Eagle In Flight

A Perfect KingsMan

"EAGLE EYES " Man of God who dwells  in the cleft of the Rock
He is made to ride upon the wings of eagles riding the heights of  power

Overseer of those in flight even those below bringing the oil of Anointing.healing in his wings

Eagle   Eyes have become those of Man in Strength no fear at all..

Man of God prophets of old Soar across the sky place of Strongholds

The Spirit of eagles keen in Sight detecting from afar, dangers and woes One who sees through Eagle EYES..

Fields increase the young renewed in youth ,love and compassion become companions that satisfy the Soul

Man of God prophets were told seekers of one who cry in the wilderness of foes Eyes hold every place land sea for The heavens are his throne Soaring high above he is made to ride in truth and healing ,

protector of the nest in flight Who redeems life from the pit to the crown

Eagles represents the EYES of the Lord  Upon the wings of the wind Carrying the Banner of hope fed with Manna of the word

Bold and Brave they soar in Strength endure hardness in the fight for Salvation and Truth

They that hope shall mount up on eagles wings and shall renew their strength they shall not run not be weary nor faint


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This Poems Story

Strength of Man's heart after Gods Faithful full of eyes in the Spirit beholding the Evil and Good Protecting the innocent and Saving the Lost