The Knights of Big Sand

There once was a great king, whose name could be seen
As Big Dan, who ruled the land named Big Sand.
What was really scary, was that there was a man named Pinhead Larry,
He wandered the seas on a ferry, with his best pig, Parry.
Larry hated Big Dan, with a passion that could span
because he was the real dirty dan, that ran quicker than man.
King Big Dan thus called the greatest knights to his court to fight, aight?
He proclaimed, “Go forth my men, at the hour of 10, to go kill Him.”
The great knights, Clout Chris, who had a lisp
and Supreme Sam who always ate ham
accepted this quest of great unrest.
But the king announced to the knight's something unplanned,
Big Dan challenged them for his daughter Keke’s hand.
“Whoever defeats Pinhead Larry first and returns with his pinhead,
shall be given my daughters hand in marriage, and ride off without disparage.
But whoever fails in my quest, will henceforth be banished, dead, in a carriage.”
So the knights set off into the night, hoping to find Larry despite
They knew the journey would result in a big big fight.
Chris and Sam then stumbled upon a great cliff
In which only passage was over a bridge not very stiff.
But before they could cross, they had to answer this trolls question
“What is the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?”
The two knights tried to answer but were left shallow.
Finally, Clout Chris came up with the mathematical conclusion:
“It’s about twenty-four miles per hour, but that’s just an estimation.”
The troll then let them pass, allowing the heroes to continue their quest
For we all know, they tried their best.
They saw in the distance, Pinhead Larry laying injured near dead
The heroes came up to him, “your time is up pinhead” they said.
Larry replied, “who you calling pinhead?” then he died.
Chirs and Sam decided to take credit for the battle
And cut off his head just like cattle.
They returned home the greatest heroes in the land
And oddly, they both took Keke's hand.
The marriages lasted forever, mildly cheerful
However, jealousy ensued, making the trio most tearful.
Clout Chris had enough and planned to kill Supreme Sam that night
But unknown to him, Sam planned the same fight.
Chris walked into the bedroom, where Sam and Keke were supposed to lie
And smothered the wrong soul, Keke tie she died
Realizing his mistake he jumped out a window, kinda freaky, right?
Too bad Sam hanged himself the next night.

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