The Labour’s Leisure

Corona ambushed India in the mid of March,
Which paved the lane for the Indian's life of harsh.
While some of us are sad because we can't live
The life our choice, there are some who can't survive
The epidemic for they have no food to eat, no water to drink
They have no shelter overhead,their only choice is to shrink

They are no one,but the building blocks of our nation
The proletarian worker, industrial labour and the mason
The men behind the evolution of our society,
The men behind the uprise of our country.
To us not being able to hangout in malls is chastising
Where as to them getting a half-fed meal is a blessing!

While their regular life is equivalent to a severe suffering
Think what is happening to them, when they have stopped earning
Their livelihood, as an impact of
Lockdown enforcement
As Lockdown has shattered their broken lives even into finer sediment
While we are expressing the drawbacks of our comfortable life
Once look at them, whose whole life is a strife!
They are the ultimate pillars of our human civilization
But while treating them, we forget the core meaning of humanism
We forget, they are the one who has sowed the seeds of our leisure..
They are the one who has created the life of our pleasure.
Yet they are the lone and sole fighters of racism!
Yet they belong to the lower - labour class

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