The Labyrinth of Dawn

Little did I know, I was to make it on my own,
Through the wilderness, win the world alone.
Life isn't a game, for who is not on the throne,
So I'll go on, and try my best not to mourn.

I fought my way out, made it through the blue,
Please don't say I failed, because that's not true,
If you think so, I'll show you what I can do,
I'll prove myself to you, to the world and me too.

I don't know who you are, I don't know what to say,
But I'll trust you, and have faith in you anyway.
You are lost and dying, still mellow as May,
Let's set out to rule the world someday.

Come to me, if you need shelter from the storm,
We can rule the dark, as we search for the dawn.
I am one just like you, so don't be alarmed,
I'll protect you, keep you safe and warm.

Come with me, let's set out on a run,
Aimless, reckless, still we have pride in a ton.
Haste will be our guide, as we hunt for the sun,
You and I, as we go searching for the one..

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