The Ladder of Success

There you are grasping on each rung of this lengthy ladder,
Intending to climb and climb until you reach success.
Down below the ladder in a pit of utter darkness
Lie all who have wished the very worst upon you.
Destructive roars come from those who want you to fail,
Only because they are threatened by how much you can accomplish-
Hoping every breath of their negativity causes you to fall and fail.
As the negative roars exceed to be unbearable,
It causes you to lose your grip, and you slip down a few rungs;
You quickly stop yourself from falling into the dark trap.
Refusing to be eaten alive by all those who envy you,
You pick yourself back up.
You shut your eyes to block out this negativity,
You clench your fists on a rung to show your strength,
You continue to climb to show your courage,
You reach to the peak of the ladder of success,
Proving those down below were wrong all along.
No matter the amount of discouragement,
You can make anything happen,
You can reach the top of the ladder of success.

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