The Lady in My Life, the Women O

The Lady in my life, the women of my dreams
Pulling me effortlessly along in her slipstream
Her eyes are amber gemstones soft and fine
She gazes at me and I see them really shine
Her hair is red, softer than the softest down
Her beautiful face is rare and well renowned
Her red, sensuous lips are velvet soft
Her breast are ample and soft to touch

She walks in light floating free in space
An elegant beauty, a soul full of grace
Her flawless face lights up every door
Her kind soul, a gem is mine to adore
Her heart is beauty and forever kind
I hold her close and she says it's mine
When the rains fall hard full of thunder
I'm blessed with a women full of wonder

As the quite night reaches for the dawn
I awake from dreams that carry me along
As the day gives birth to the hot, fiery sun
I think of you and all we've share and done
As time embraces the moments of our life
We are free, unencumbered from all strife
I know we'll be joined together in endless time
I touched her body, soul and almost perfect mind

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