The Lady of Duality

I hear her name, like a tempest wind
knocking at my door, begging to come in
i turn away, i try to resist
say a affirmation, with clenched fists
a prayer unto my angel, please bring me relief
but then i reach for the handle, and sink underneath
to wallow in the shadow, the miasma of the abyss
losing time, out of mind, in a world like this
did i pass Virgil, waiting at the gate?
did i spurn, a burning fury, and seal my fate?
am i ever to find, restful inner peace?
will memories of her, from a spoken word, ever cease?
dogged and haunted, i continue to trample along
i wield a make believe shield, and try to look strong
my smile is hollow, as i follow, wander and roam
but on the level, i take a deal with the devil
if she would just come back home

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