The lake

Bubbles up, and slip off at brim
In the silver- screen , a mirror
Reads like a mind, quatidian
Absorbing a pervious depiction
Fickle as the silver-mirror
Changes fast, facets of transcience
Momentary, of broad affaires
Imposter vile and deceitful

Occasional sillouttes of run away apes
Mock and peevish stances
The terror-casts of black strips, doomed
Conquered in wither wild
Fear -strokes quiver off
Scurry away for concealments
Dare see the visage submerged in obscurity
Tufted creeps, leafy bowers
Lie peaceful, patient under the sun
All last so brief a life as in the silver-tray
Tired warrior crawled, tired a bull of cart
To lick a drop to quench the long weary walk
Pallid, pierced, taut skin refreshened
In the cool shade of pure delight
I heard the tremor in the evening time
Dying down beneath the darkness

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