The Lament of Dying Lover

As I approach the last moment
Deep into the words of lament
Clinging upon the years of seclusion
Still surviving on the moments of illusion

Her voice still rings in this four walled room
Many years have passed without her in gloom
I remember her painful and tearful eyes
Leaving nothing in the world for me to visualise

Her demise was the last thing to bear
And her painful shrieks,the last thing to hear
All these years have passed in mourn
Her departure had ended my life's morn

And how much love the nature brings
Her disease has found me to get cling
Our love will remain upto eternity
As I feel happiness in pain with full of insanity

Do not mourn when I depart from here
After such a long time, i had found her near
A smile on this lifeless face will be present
As I am going to meet her in the heavenly ascent

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