The Lament of Nature

By Neelu   

There is a plate of lotus leaves to hold
the rain water dripping ,
The rain water dripping from the roof like the snow flakes melting down monotonously
Flowers wither in the plains
Snows melt on the mountains
People are grounding into their hearts
Life's rooting bursts out shoots
Flying above the floating clouds,
No one understands the sufferings of the miserable people
more endangered than the rare species animals,
The night roars in the roar thunderstorms
The air becomes heavy with long sigh,
Lightening sparkles with silver linings
There is the habit of certain death
in the air,
But knowingly living with it.
The extremely irony of this human life,

Who will teach the tender roses in time
the truth to dreaming , sin is
suddenly floating, heart is coming out of the smoke, of the isthmus;
Yet no one understands the lament of the nature.
The distinction between honest and dishonest is disappearing,
resulting in this solid old age of the society.
The bright sunshine inside the dish is approaching, the worms are beneath the ground floor,
If the breeze of the millions of hearts shall change, Everything bursts surrender in sweet light of love.

But the nature laments the earth is almost helpless!

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