The Land Of Dreams

When you step into this country, tell me what you see?
Is it land that holds all of your secret dreams?
Are you here for the freedom? Are you here for the rights?
Or because you heard the grass is greener on the other side?

Are you tired of the man always wearing the crown?
Do you want a democracy that won't push you around?
Yes there may be taxes and minor fees
But would you rather pay a little or not be free

You may not yet see the beauty in the red, white, and blue
But once you stay here a while it will mean much more to you
The stars on the flag will become the stars in your eyes
In America your dreams will not be denied

The dreams that seemed impossible may just come true
The emptiness will be filled that lies inside of you
The American dream is a just door and you have the key
So come on over and be your own king

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