The Land of the Wondering

The Land of the Wondering

Dear Reader

This is for Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya and Bhutan
Forget the division on religion or ethnicity.
Pain is still pain, it’s just the matter of humanity.
I am about to tell you a story.
One of war, seeking for asylum.
Broken and poor.
A refugee, a title forced upon us.
We are in the land of the wondering it’s brought upon us.
This is for Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and India.
We think we’ve escaped all the suffering we’ve been through.
Little did we know the wait game continues.
Someone has died, someone I knew.
we need to go, but we’ll never know where to.
Still we are hovering and pondering.
I guess we call it the land of the wondering.

What I witness on the news makes me shiver because I look at the victims face and see the same in the mirror (M.Abbasi 2018)

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