The land that time forgot

There was a time when time stood still,
And by time I mean progression.
In today's world we work and push and use the time around us.
Time is money, they say. And money isn't cheap.
We update, we graduate, we congregate, we celebrate.
We indicate our time and date as precious in the equation of fate.
But wait,
there is a land that time forgot.

A land that lies beyond our eyes and ears and wallets and cars.
Where cryptic rock and unfamiliar trees are immune to time created scars.
The rolling hills and sun streaked cliffs carved away by wind
Or icy wastelands and barren deserts that time could not transcend

See time will surely go on forth but this land indefinitely endures
And while this land steadily lingers
To us it consistently allures

There is a land that time forgot
Whether inland or on the coast
However primitive or empty or old
It is from here we can learn the most.

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