The Lantern

The wind sweeps me
Oh, evergreen
Tears like a sweeping river be
I whisper in your ear
Oh, lovely, 'tis true
Twelve steps to life, love, and death
But, still, I wait with you
Oh, fond raven
Your hollow, longing cry
So is the heart of the clear, blue sky
Like a unicorn's horn pierces the night,
So I utter a horrible cry
You left the stable without a sound
Great rivers and valleys keep me aground
I run, I run, oh, clover leaf
My wish your command shall be
A great lantern on a bed post
Three wishes I have 'til I give up the ghost
With that lantern I run through the night
Wolves' feet galloping at my side
Three wishes, yes, I have yet
Indeed-I wish for life, love, and death

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