The Last Bite

By Sana B.    Avatar

I was once child who loved it all.
But then failing to eat was a great fall.
A survivor would know, many people say its ok.
But all that I have got left is in my skin and bones I'm a societal prey.
Rot teeth, thin hair, purple finger nails, distorted image I got it all.
It was all because of that magazine full of perfect women, the perfect dolls.
Suffering in the darkness, I feel like there is no escape caved in within my inner broken heart.
I want to be perfect, loved, look and feel beautiful but I'm none of that slowly I'm falling apart.
I'm nothing but a person who tries hard enough to be as skinny as I can the lowest ever.
Because this is body is still fat, flabs everywhere nothing I can treasure.
I'll make it through this fall, and even if I die.
I'll die trying my best and it'll be my everlasting goodbye.

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