The Last Burning Candle

In a dream there's this house that is blue and white
It stands on a hill in the dark of the night
The inside is full of warmness and light
It whispers my name
I'm walking and it's so cold I shake
Beneath my feet, a frozen lake
I'm so alone I can feel my heart ache
Aching for a home
So I pick up my pace and run to the place
I feel so alive as the wind and I race
Finally home, I've been searching so long
The right in the world will replace all the wrong
I walk up the steps while counting to seven
Thinking I've died and this is my heaven
My face to the window, I stare on through
What's a lonely girl to do?
Inside is a father, child, and mother
Expressing out loud how they love one another
Laughing and dancing and being carefree
Oh please dear god let them want me
I walk to the door and slowly turn the handle
Stepping inside on the floor sits a candle
The family is gone, nowhere in sight
I kneel to the ground and blow out the light
Doomed forever alone in the night
So I close my eyes and sleep

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