The Last Laugh

By Arvind   

I am one
Let me be many
Bursts forth divinity
As miracle of descent
A blissful innocence
In the silent night
Wrapped by golden veil
Of past flight
The world cherished
My coming into being
Much enthused
To name the nameless being
Greeted by kith and kin
And mates
Hastened to fight
Life’s battle and cake
Between good and pleasant
Hope and despair
In being and becoming
My nature defiled,
Suffering the world
In wilderness and vanity
Ignorant of my real nature
And sanity.
O God! I cried
If there is one
Save thee, my soul
If I have one
Into that inviolable stillness
The truth reveals
Real never ceases
Unreal never reveals
Creation is in self
As waves in ocean
Pot is in clay
As ornaments in gold.
All the knots of heart
Thus razed
Into fullness of the void
I gazed
One and many
All verily is divine
That thou art!
I am that, divine.
The world is a play
Of the eternal
Born out of bliss
Revels in eternal
Into that awareness
I had the last laugh.

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This Poems Story

The poem reveals the journey of the self in manifestation and its ultimate evolution. Encapsulating the moments of immanence and transcendence though the vagaries of life, the self finds finds rest in pure awareness as existence-consciousness-bliss .