The Last Note She Ever Wrote

as she draws her destiny up from her spoon
she didnt know or see her end was comin soon
her gut told her no you are to
young and pretty to go you have so much more life to live
oh your family im sure they are willing to forgive
but she ignored her best guts thought
she said **** it im do all the dope i just bought
but she didnt even see the end coming
she was walkin straight to it no she was running
but she ties off her arm it takes her so long
she really meant her family no harm
her gut n mind was almost that strong
but up shot that red stream
but really for her it was her destiny
she pushed in so slow
as if she never wanted to go
but before she removed her murder weapon
as if it was any more a threatin
her eyes close ever so slow
as if she never wanted to go her friends
ran out the dooras if they never seen her befor
her body lay back nice n slow as if she never
wanted to go her face began to turn purple n blue
she looked as if she was sick w the flu
but really this was life leavin her face
all because she didnt want to share her dope
with anyone in this place!

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