The Last Poem

(This will be brief.)

Humankind is as old as the beginning of
time and younger than tomorrow.

We are children of the sun and sea,
citizens of our world but not of it.

Our existence is a temporary episode.
In due time we will realize our destiny.

The planet earth and all of humanity
will perish, exit this plane of existence.

We will leave nothing — no high voices of
praise, laudatory eulogies, celebrations of life.

Our experiences and observations, our
joys and sorrows, victories and defeats,

our love, spirituality, altruism, our dreams,
our humanity, inhumanity — gone. Reclaimed

by a universe that doesn’t keep records. That
man existed at all will be known only to the gods.

Perhaps the most we can hope for is that if there
was a purpose to our existence it may become

known to our descendants before the sun
bestows its final eight minutes of nurture.

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Man's final days.