The Last Premonition

You hear them knocking at your door. You ask them,
"What are you here for?"
Your stomach fills with dread when they say,
"So sorry-your child is dead."
Hours after in dismay, reeling from shock, ghastly pain
How could she have died this way? Sinking, sinking, thinking,
"Is this my price to pay?"
No, for sure, it was not her fault.
This must be taken with many grains of salt.
For, the ship captain, what did he do?
Did he steer the ship? Oh no, no, not true.
You see, he was below deck that day, truly unaware of his dark fate
Though there were signs: furtive glances cast his way,
The ominous sky beginning to fray
Did he steer the ship? Did he scout the seas?
Did he man the wheel? Did he sense Death's tease?
No-simply-he did nothing.
Nothing as they lurched to one side, amidst a chorus of ghastly cries
Nothing when the first mate called,
"Please, Sir, steer the ship!" Before they knew it-the boat-it tipped
As sea foam licked the edges of lifeboats
She risked a glance, terrified, did not make a sound
As she watched her classmates, in tandem, drown
Her skin prickled with fear, her heart skipped a beat
Only when she realized did she cry out with grief,
"Mother, Father, I love you, and."

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