The Last Smile

Another night in his black shaded cloud
Life's so alive, yet so dead
With no one to depend on he was forced to become an outcast
As he sat on the edge of a bloody blade
You saw his fake smile, but what you didn't see was his pain
Bleeding out, drowning in his black shaded cloud
When you're alone and lost you only see one way out
Where else do you go with a dead broken house
They say friends come and go, but family is forever
However, what happens when you're family doesn't see you for existent
Love and care has always been missing
So distant into the drugs
Lost along with the alcohol
But you see, they're his best friend
Because they mask the pain like nothing else can
Hanging from the tip of a bloody knife
He drowns in his pain, he has no where else to climb
A tear slides down his face
A tear so pure, it reflects his pain
But he doesn't hesitate
He takes one last breath and pulls the trigger
A trigger that welcomes his death
And with it all
Comes a smile
Because it's finally over
His black shaded lifestyle

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