The last word

Now i look back and think about the last words you said. How i would not make it " how I was nothing. You just made me want to push harder what I knew want was inside of me . I can't believe I almost let you beat me making me feel like I didn't love me . The last word you said killed me who I was but now there is a new me. The last word said was my motivation to do and be more . So for every unkind word that you said i can think of a 100 that trumps what you said. I want to thank you for waken me up into the me that I was call to be. The last word you said made me free from the hurt and the pain that your last words caused me I am free from your pain. 2018

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This Poems Story

This poem is about being free from the last word that somebody might have the same to you that hurt you and you turned it into motivation to push you to go for it. Not letting it get to you anymore but push you and to who you are supposed to be.