The Leafy Way

I was shriveled and had yellow spots on me.
Other looked down from the great oak tree.
Maybe I had lost the life in me.
For one day, Oh wind! U broke me thee.
I was swept along the banks of the river.
Where I found people bathing with a shiver.
All hoping to cleanse their sins.
That were stuck on their outer skins.
The wind carried me onto a window sill.
Where I found a man working for a dollar bill.
He looked unfed and unkempt
and if looked closely one could see he wept.
A bird carried me onto his nest.
And I found myself giving warmth to his chest.
A sudden squawk and he flew.
The wind in the meantime again blew.
I was lifted to a higher altitude.
From where I saw life in a different magnitude.
The wind carried me with his bard.
He never cared if I was scarred.
But alas! The rain brought me down.
And I found myself in the town .
I was trampled and covered in dirt.
The ants with me did flirt.
I found myself being torn.
By little beings at dawn.
But I was happy within.
I had experienced life herein.
Now it was time to spread.
More to be done, enough said.
As I close my eyes, to the last degree.
I remember the great oak tree.

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