The Ledge

The icy clutch surrounds me, my teeth chatter and I'm on a Ledge.
The ledge of an endless bridge with fast water flooding beneath.
My peers jump from our perch,
one by one they plunge into the dark waters.
Deciding their fate in a split second,
gluing the path of their lives into place.
But I don't want to jump.
I want to step back, find a different way down.
Ice holds me in place
when I try to see, it blinds me
All questions left unanswered, it leaves no place to move
no place but into the deep waters before me.

The water beckons with their encouraging voices,
the sound seems to call all but me.
Soon it seems,
I am alone on the edge, no way to move back.
"There is only one way" they say,
I know the way, my whole Life has been led to here.
It has all been mapped,
I can jump now or I remain stagnant for the rest of my forever.
Frozen by the ice and left behind.
I jump, into the deep Unknown waters.
I jump, to escape the ice that holds me,

only to find more.

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