The Legend of Albert Fox Poem 1

Some battles were won and some battles were lost
Some battles wouldn't have taken place with out Albert Fox
Truly a hero throughout, the civil war
A name almost forgotten and this I will not ignore
He is a Legend and his story I will tell
Because this is a story worth remembering well
At the young age seventeen he went to join the war
and this was no young man that they could ignore
He moved up through the ranks as fast as he could
From one company to the next He stood as he should
A man of conviction and a sense of demand
It didn't take him long to become the man in command
He pulled his troops together and they fought without fear
No tieariny would take them They would always be here
From battle to battle they fought hand to hand
Watching their brothers fall next to them
again and again
After - some years He returned home
A Hero and a Conqueror
A Man Who Stands Alone


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