The Legend of the Bridge

By Kathy   

Let me tell you of a story lost,
A legend forgotten and sealed
A land beyond Tir na nog,
as it rests beside the Elysian Field
The story of an old soul bridge,
with its guardians residing there
The guardians watch over the souls,
with such loving care
The guardians are not the story,
but the souls of a loved one
As each soul passes the bridge,
they shine as brightly as the sun
Who we lose in our life,
will be seen shining with the stars
We haven't lost them for they will find us,
by holding the pieces that were ours
You see our hearts were never split apart,
no one has the other half
It's the pieces from our hearts,
others carry on our behalf
So when we love another so deeply,
our hearts give them a piece
Therefore we will always find them,
when we go to our final peace

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