The Legend of the Smoky Siren

Like little red fibers
Frayed at the end
Unraveling to start again
Re-woven to become loose stitching
Warm, Glaring, Glowing, Firetruck screams
Hot tears of lava
Boiling red wine streams
Rose hip steam
Ruby colored lips, to match apple jeweled rings
Cherry scented glitch, frozen strawberry wings
Crimson aura
Hovering over her head like a stop sign
Brake lights always illuminated
Bordeaux nails tapping against
Cayenne pepper cheeks
Wrapped in sheer burgundy
Vermilion sequins
Winding up her body
Sniper rifle target dot
Above her left breast
Lazer show standing still upon her beating heart
She takes off her bullfighter heals
Leaving bloody footprints everywhere she goes
And one day they will stain the stone
The beast is sure to follow
If she gets away
She'll have to live alone
To dream in red
Unmarked. Atoned.

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