The lesson of life

As I walked down the hill
lost in my reverie.
Noticing some and ignoring some sights and sounds.
The sight of an insect sticking to the stem of a green plant
held my interest.
The myriad hues of the insect contrasted with the greenness of the plant and leaves
Created a beauty of its own.
Mesmerized by the sight I stopped to observe the insect
I wondered at its lifespan
Short, colourful and interesting.
It did not harm anybody (maybe the plant it was feeding on)
It did not go through highs and lows of life.
Yet, it had a risk to its life, which would further shorten the already short lifespan of the insect.
Maybe a deadly pesticide or maybe somebody's crushing hands.
Unperturbed by the lurking dangers the insect went about its routine.
Do we humans also have the resilience of the insect?
Do we also beautify the environment?
Go about our routines unperturbed.
Unfazed by the lurking dangers.
Alas no! we dirty the environment
Try to destroy every threat to our already long lifespan.
I wish we could learn a lesson or two from the insect.
We could also beautify the environment and cause little harm to it.
We could also blend with nature and not destroy it.

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