The Lesson of Pursuit

This was her chance to…be creative.
This was her chance to…reach you.
Time moved faster than she could believe.
Number 7 Moonbeam Lane was no longer her home.
She was headed for Sunnyville.
The first rule about chasing her dreams:
Run for the best reality fearlessly.
Can you tell what she looks like?
From the way she writes?
Since she’s a poet,
Will she come out looking like William Shakespeare?
Does it even matter?
Isn’t it beautiful the way she’s trying to spread a message?
She’s prepared for the lesson of pursuit.
Like Dorothy, she wears ruby red slippers.
The only difference was the Wizard of Oz was a fairytale.
This young woman was still on the planet Earth.
Where was Glenda to kill the wicked witch of the West?
She’s afraid life doesn’t work like that.
But the power is within you, my child.
So don’t give up and keep endlessly writing.

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