The Lesson

The Lesson by Jennifer Fleming

One weakness keeps on being presented
In various forms but identical, as intended
Different person and place but similarly threaded
The fabric is recognizable and the pattern embedded

The teacher has appeared to teach me again
The lesson is the same but the mistake never ends
This time it’s no different…the rules never bend
Bury my head believing, “why can’t I just pretend?”

For some reason this habit sticks to me like glue
I am happy in crazy and live my life in a loop
Doing the same thing and expecting different results
Blame the mistake once, but three times, now it’s my fault

I never give credit and to myself it is due
Sick of the judgment, I think this lesson is a cue
Maybe this is who I am, and for me this is true
Can you leave me alone? Or am I your mission to undo

Each time I am confronted I drift farther away
Relentless the undercurrent I despise it with dismay
I choose to ignore you and in the insanity I must stay
Do you care that I am happy? Or is your goal that I stray?

I can’t help but ask you just one single question
Have you looked in the mirror? Is your life perfection?
Stop being so obsessed with this one single lesson
Can you go with the flow and allow my progression?

If only you knew the ruin you have caused
Dreams were derailed, and creativity permanently paused
Doing dubious things because you say I am lost
My direction was stolen and my spirit crushed was the cost

What if you accepted and support was freely given?
My life would be peaceful, your agenda forgot, and me forgiven.
I am exhausted from this fight and I won’t give you your desire
The lesson is to “let go” or we will never leave this hell’s fire.

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