The Letter

As I drown into my thoughts I slowly run out of air
The pain runs so deep inside of me
At times it is too much to bare
So I write to you this letter so you can ease my hurt
I know you have an answer as to why you took my mom
She fed my soul just seeing her face now all I see is dirt
With all her love and so much faith why did she have to go
She was young so full of life but cancer took her right
Was she an angel you needed back Lord please I have to know
Is she watching over me or is she too busy walking with you
I wish I can feel her presence around me
I really need her with me mostly when I'm blue
My life has no meaning without her just emptiness inside
The world is turned upside down
My suffering I cannot hide
So if you read this letter can you answer what I have asked
Is your will so mysterious we must never know
If so just please tell me this pain will pass

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