The Library Of Enemies

Defeating thou's enemy is an art,
Consisting of various interactive shelves.
For at that moment where, my enemy, I do understand.
Cherish him do I more than he does himself.
Brought together, makes up the Library.
The Library that helps me conquer my enemies.
The first victory rule,
is to never make the first move.
Many a battle are lost down to haste,
So patient, you must be, and wait.
Thou must react to their rival,
for he who makes the first mistake is vital.

There is an exception to this rule, though.
If thou army or power is stronger,
You must then go for the jugular.
Attack from the beginning,
But do so cautiously, 'cos we must prepare for everything.
Next, there is the mental battle.
As Sun Tzu said, if your opponent is of choleric temper,
Get on his nerves and try leaving him unsettled.
The physical actualises the mental.
This means you can only do what you think about.
If his thoughts, messy and jerky are,
his actions will not be smart and stout.

Also, master the art of timing.
As I always say, time is everything,
And he who does not utilise it is nothing.
Always know when you must strike,
And realise when to rile.
A second is the thin line between failure and success,
Use it wisely and you'll never put yourself in a situation of duress.
Finally, when thou enemy is down and lies,
Crush him totally so that he may never rise,
'Cos if he again comes around, it will be your demise.
I could go on and on about my enemy,
But I would never finish, for there are so many books in my library.

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An unemotional take on destroying your foe