The Lie

You walk through the halls staring at the ground,
everyone else stares without a sound.
Some of them whisper and some of them laugh.
They only see the outside and not the other half.

You leave school and go home and cry,
nobody knows that the grin on your face is all a lie.
You run to the bathroom and grab the knife,
hoping the pain will heal your strife.
The blood drips down as you scream and cry,
saying the world would be better if I die.

You grab a rope and hang it up high,
whispering it will be over soon and stand and cry.
You slip your head through and make sure it's tight,
you kick the chair away and and start to see a light.
A couple minutes later the pain is all through,
your parents are screaming '' What did you do!''.

You have solved your pain but you gave it to others,
your mom, your dad, your friends and brother.
People need to know they do have a friend,
sucide is a forever solution to a problem that will end.

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