The Lies I See Renewed

Light, like a splash of cold water awaits my eyes.
Darkness, like a loved one greets me.
They clash once again, feeding me the lies;
The lies I see renewed.

Again the cycle begins, never ceasing.
'Round and around we go; the pendulum of life.
The conflict within, always leasing
My soul to the chains of despair.

Seeing all, yet I'm noticed by none.
Will it ever end? Doubtful.
Being eternity's chosen son,
I must endure.

Silhouettes march like soldiers past me.
Eyes front, in step, no looking back.
But can I judge them? No, for they cannot see
The fading sanity of my mind.

Darkness welcomes me with open arms.
Light fades from view.
'Round and around we go; the night charms
Me into oblivion once again.
Once more light and darkness clash again,
Feeding me the lies; the lies I see renewed.

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