The Life an Undaunted Woman

"Tired, exhausted and all drained out,
Huge dark circles with puffy bag eyes,
Worn out, rejected, utterly out cast
Prohibited and avoided
She felt just these and even much more
Responsibilities and other various activities
But nothing could ruin her capabilities
Running errands, to baking croissants,
Juggling her career and choosing safe atmosphere,
Planning her appearance not to be an interference,
Going through nonsense to dealing with heaps of nuisance,
Heartbreak and pain
Distraction and depression.
False accusation dawning her brain a realization!
Times she would wallow submerged in her own sorrow,
But the waves of emotion wouldn't stop her from confession
Affirming new resolution
She had to stay Strong and move along,
She took a chance: life's first dance
A waltz that gave a jolt
And she knew deep down her soul
That, She was never inferior but far superior!
Never breaking down nor holding back, a frown,
Ignoring the critics and avoiding judgemental lunatics...
Filled with experience now did she know,
You've always got to swim against the flow.
She stands up tall and bold
Defeating the fear of those who told,
that she wasn't precious as gold.
But wait! She's a diamond.
Now you know, she's a Woman
Talented and independent,
Courteous and virtuous
Who can hold her down?
Or should I rather ask what can?
Once she's determined, there's no going back! "
- Shalom Arokianathan

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