The Life I Desire

Making a difference in this world happens when people possess
deference, and I want to be so different that the differences
I make show indifference to my desires and are an assistance
to other's brilliance, but society seems to differ because
its divergence from this concept has them at a far away distance,
where they're obsessed with the deliverance of self-centeredness,
and I don't want to center the next part of my life on being a
censure to people living for cents or for them not knowing how to
censor their lives, but rather I want to be a sensor who senses
the hurt in their lives and can be the sender of hope that comes
from the eternal mender, but honestly I'm tired of being a member
of the pretenders who have the pretense that they're presenters of
change but never use present tense words when they talk about how to
fix the tense tension we live in while they leave their action plans
in suspense, but I'm ready to suspend that way of how to spend my
time and commence a lifestyle that comes with comments of how I'm
committing to adding positive content to this world's conscience,
and I'm going to be conscious of being cautious to not live a toxic
life of talk with no walk because that's so obnoxious it makes me
nauseous, but instead I'll live a life of results that show promise
of something colossus

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